Memories from Reunions Summer 2018

The guys who lived in Dunnington 220 (next door) who created an entire imaginary country (“Alblothia”) with arts, economics, and maps- quite elaborate! Geekdom at its best.
- Susan Cohen, 1982

One of my best memories from my first year was living in Watson and the people I lived with in the dorm. Knowing one person in a suite introduced me to nine other men or women. Many conversations and fun.
- Steve Gulding, 1993

Seeing Bruce Springsteen in Memorial Gym for $3.
- Kathleen Manuel, 1978

Avant-garde poetry readings in Watson with electric razor accompaniment.
- Matt McKeever, 1988

My roommate locked me out of the room while I was in the shower and then left to go see Tom Deluca. I had to walk across grounds in only a towel to get a new key from facilities. Me, in a towel, walking with the entire first year class.
- Allen Durgin, 1993

The experience of living in Watson—Bring back the suites!!
- Beth Quarles Boehmcke, 1988

I loved the freedom of exploring classes in many disciplines from day one; shooting right out of the cannon into intellectual passions.
- ël Ksauder, 1988

I loved living in Watson Dorm and making connections with creative and interesting people as part of the first year experience.
- Chrissy Farquharson, 1998

Living with other focused and passionate students who loved learning. Not having to worry much about getting into the courses I was interested in.
- Jessica Jeanty, 2008

I loved being an Echols Scholar! We all lived together in Watson and my fellow scholars remained some of my best friends. Advice: enjoy priority registration. Most important, get to know your professors.
- Rachel Settle, 1998