Priority Times for Course Registration

By far one of the most popular aspects of the Echols Scholars Program is priority registration for classes. Priority registration provides Echols Scholars a registration time ahead of other College students within their class year.  Priority registration does not guarantee that Echols Scholars will get all the courses they want, but maximizes their chances of getting into highly popular courses and small advanced courses sought by many scholars.

Echols Scholars have registration times earlier than other incoming first-year students during their designated Summer Orientation sessions. However, some incoming first-year Scholars may have difficulties in registering for some classes, since current Echols and non-Echols students have already registered for the fall semester before first-years have even sent their acceptance letters to the Admissions office. Incoming first-year Scholars are initially permitted to enroll in up to 16 credits at summer orientation. On a date to be determined this spring (late July/early August) the maximum will be raised to 17 credits. Students who wish to take 18 or more credits need the permission of the Echols Association Dean and should file the Credit Overload Request Form which is available in 101 Monroe Hall.

All students (including Echols Scholars) are limited to a 15 credit limit during early registration periods each fall and spring semester until everyone has enrolled. For fall registration, the SIS enrollment system opens up to all students at the same time after summer orientation. At that point, all students can enroll in up to 17 credits. For spring registration SIS opens up in late November. Some advanced classes are limited to instructor permission and therefore may not be available during priority registration times.  Nonetheless, over the course of their time at the University, priority registration offers Echols Scholars a distinctive advantage in creating and exercising their academic plans. For additional information on course selection and registration policies see [].