Advisory Committee Updates

The Echols Advisory Committee has had a series of meetings, in which a broad range of topics have been discussed.  Subcommittees are currently working on issues and questions related to 1) Housing & Community, 2) Programming & Requirements, 3) Diversity, 4) Admissions & Recruitment, and 5) Alumni Engagement.

Echols Advisory Committee 2017-18

Haley Anderson                       Class of 2011

Margaret (Ann) Brown             Class of 1974

Jordan Bridges                        Class of 2020

Ellis Butler                               Class of 1989

Claire Cronmiller                     UVA Professor of Biology

Kenny Darcy                            Class of 2019

Jiwon (Jesse) Han                   Class of 2020

Ron Hohauser                         Class of 1990

Charles (Chuck) Matthews     UVA Professor of Religious Studies

Claire Mooney                         Class of 2019

David Newsome                     Class of 2009

Ricardo Padrón                      UVA Associate Professor of Spanish, Class of 1989

Puja Seam                              Class of 2000

Helina Sirak                            Class of 2019

Emily Vaughan                       Class of 2018

Ex Officio members

Madison (Madi) Lahey           Graduate R.A., Class of 2017             

James (Jim) Seitz                   Associate Professor and Director of the Writing Program

Macy Lenox                            Associate Dean of Admissions

Sarah Cole                              Assistant Director and Association Dean, Echols Scholars Program

Bevery Lorig                            Echols Career Advisor

Bo Odom                                 Academic Programs Manager

Lorenzo (Len) Perez               Senior Writer, UVA Arts & Sciences, Class of 1992

Andy Petters                           Asst. Dean of Students, Housing & Res. Life

Christian Steinmetz                Asst. Professor, Curry School, Higher Ed. Program Coordinator

Karen Inkelas                         Associate Professor, Curry School