Mission of the Program

The Echols Scholars Program in the College of Arts & Sciences draws together a diverse community of students united by their potential for significant intellectual engagement at UVA and beyond. Because of their deep curiosity and intrinsic motivation, Echols Scholars enjoy flexibility in their academic requirements in order to pursue their individual scholarly interests. Echols Scholars participate in unique communal programming to cultivate academic, social, and cultural development. Participation in the Echols Scholars Program forms the cornerstone of a lifetime of learning, citizenship, leadership, and personal growth in a rapidly changing world.



Meet the Echols Scholars

Elena Bosack

Elena is a second-year from Manassas, Virginia hoping to major in Human Biology and minor in French or Bioethics. As a pre-med student, you’re probably most likely to find her procrastinating studying in Clem with her brothers in the Phi Delta Epsilon Pre-Medical Fraternity, volunteering at the Transitional Care Hospital with Madison House, or engineering antibodies in a molecular biology research lab. She is also a member of the women’s fitness group CHAARG and enjoys taking (respectably short) runs around Grounds. 

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