Admission to the Echols Scholars Program

All applicants to the College of Arts & Sciences’ first-year class are automatically reviewed for selection to the Echols Scholars Program. There is no special application form required and all decisions regarding selection are made exclusively by the University's Office of Admission. All questions regarding the selection process for Echols Scholar status should be directed to the Office of Admission at (434) 982-3200. Students interested in the Echols Program should present all supporting materials they wish the Admissions Committee to review, at the time of their application.

As a general rule, applicants accepted to the College of Arts & Sciences selected for inclusion in the Echols Scholars Program are notified around the time of their offer of admissions to the University. This usually occurs in late January/early February for early action applicants, and late March to mid-April for regular action applicants.

The Office of Admission does not have a fixed "target" for the number of applicants selected for admission to the Echols Scholars Program. Each Echols class contains approximately 200 students. Many Echols Scholars have told us that the privilege of being selected for the Program contributed substantially to their choice of the University of Virginia over other peer institutions and top-tier liberal arts colleges because of its unique academic structure and flexibility.

Echols "Days on the Lawn"

Accepted students invited to join the Echols Scholars Program, and their parents and family, will be invited to attend one of the "Days on the Lawn" informational events held in the spring, generally March and April. The exact dates of these events change annually, and information is communicated in advance to prospective students accepted to the University. During Days on the Lawn, students and their parents will receive additional information about the University and the benefits of being a member of the Echols Scholars Program. They also will be able to attend forums featuring the Echols Director, Association Dean, and current Echols Scholars, as well as participate in other activities intended to assist students in making an informed choice when considering the University’s offer of admission.

Scholarships and Research Grants

Regrettably the Echols Scholars Program cannot offer financial scholarships to incoming students at this time. However, it does provide financial support for independent research and scholarship though a number of means, and offers three endowed scholarships to students in the Program.

Thanks to the kind generosity of family, friends, and various individuals, the Echols Scholars Program is able to offer three endowed scholarships annually--The Sheri Gayle Richman Memorial ScholarshipThe Laurie Lee Woolen Memorial Scholarship, and The Kenneth N. and Barbara B. Adatto Scholarship--to enrolled students during the spring semester.

The Ingrassia Family Echols Scholars Research Fund, established in January 2009 by an Endowment Gift from Timothy J. Ingrassia, provides financial support to Echols Scholars conducting a research project under the supervision of a faculty member that requires personal expenditures (stipend support), travel, and/or research supplies costs.  

Echols Scholars are also eligible for various Scholarships offered by the University and College of Arts & Sciences. Information on these opportunities can be found on  the website of the Center for Undergraduate Excellence.

The University's Jefferson Scholars Foundation does offer merit scholarships to incoming students but has a separate selection process. Information on the Jefferson Scholars program can be found at

Prospective Student Information and Visits

The Echols Scholars Program welcomes visits from prospective students at all times. We are delighted to have the opportunity to speak with you further about the program, but we do not conduct interviews and will not use personal contact as a factor in the Echols Scholars selection process. The Echols Council provides opportunities for prospective students and their parents to communicate directly with students currently in the program through the Echols Ambassadors program. If you are interested in speaking with a current Echols Scholar please use the following link: