Shared memories from the Echols Scholars Program.

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When Peter Hogge won assassins while carrying a vacuum for 2 months. RIP Socrates Maupin.

Amber Zinni, 2007

"1st year dorm, most interesting people I’d ever met!"

Amy Heinrich 1982

Drawing 100 nude sketches and posting them all over our suite so our friend’s first date would see them when she came home.

Amy Lemley, 1987

"The Echols program exposed me to people with varied interests, an experience that has encouraged me to try new things throughout my life."

Barbara Heubner, 1982

"Having the wittiest and most erudite graffiti on the walls of the study room on the second floor (which was painted over at year’s end)."

Barry Anderson, 1972
Chris Mullen

Great connections with friends from first-year.

Chris Mullen, 2012
Claudia Kraft

Meeting lifelong friends in Watson as a first-year.

Claudia Kraft, 2012

Watson dorm was a great place to live with a wide collection of fascinating characters that made me realize right away that coming to UVA was a great choice.

Dan Anglin, 1992
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"I appreciate so much the doors at UVA that the Echols Program opened for me."

Dan Carey, 1982

I remember all the late-night gatherings in Maupin 110, while trying to stay under the radar of the RAs.

Dan Herbst, 2007
Devon (Rood) Slovensky

Hurricane weekend 2003 and dining by candlelight in the dining hall.

Devon (Rood) Slovensky, 2007

"Arrived at the University “Gentleman’s Club” wearing coat and tie. Spent Jr year abroad (France), returned to find women at UVA. Vowed at an Echols Party (in Spetemeber, 4th year) never to date a co-ed—but ended up marrying Nancy—a first year Echols Scholar who turned down Brown and Princeton to come to Echols at UVA. Still happily married 40 years later."

Evan Robinson, 1972
Reunion Photo

"Room 101, 1963 entering class fumigated room by opening window when roommate out."

Frank Innes, 1967

In 1992, for the first week or so, nobody had phone service so everyone had to meet their immediate neighbors. The girls upstairs were planning something one evening and signaled us by hitting their trashcans on the floor of Watson.

Greg Morse, 1992

When I first arrived in Charlottesville to move into Watson I realized my roommate had already “moved in.” By “moved in”, I mean he had 2 Hawaiian shirts hanging in the closet. That was it. I knew then I was in store for meeting all kinds of interesting people. 

Jesse Flaxenburg, 1992

The enterprising scholars of Watson dorm dared a male resident $100 if he would shave his head in front of everyone. He accepts, thinking this pricey sum will never be raised. It being a weekend with almost 100 residents present; the $100 materialized in short order. Our protagonist honors the deal and is shorn with clippers outdoors, with all the four floors cheering. Lessons were learned in economics, marketing, communications, and theatre. Pictures of this event do exist.

Kathleen (Hubbard) Erwin, 1987
Reunion Photo

Dorm life in Dunnington and talking the best creative writing class ever.

Kathy Bernstein, 1982

One of my fondest memories my first year was when Echols Dean Chuck Vandersee talked me off the ledge of a panic attack because I didn’t know what to study and encouraged me to take risks and dive into unfamiliar topics. It really made a huge difference.

Len Perez, 1992

"Playing Dungeons and Dragons with my friends in Dunnington dorm first year."

Marina Heiss, 1982
Reunion Photo

"First day at UVA 1968, I made the acquaintance of Bill Armstrong (next door hall mate) after blaring Bob Dylan’s Blue album out my window for an hour. We hitchhiked to Danville to attend a mixer at Averett College."

Mark Dahl, 1972

"First year, at the end of the year, seeing a fellow Echols student barbecuing his dreaded Intro to Chemistry text on a hibachi on the balcony. Also, lots of lonely weekends because fellow (male) 1st year Echols all took road trips to the women’s colleges."

Nancy Noyes, 1975
Nishant Patel

Bongo drums and hurricane rain dance in front of Old Maupin.

Nishant Patel, 2007

"I wrote a 4-letter word on the ceiling above Mark Dahl’s bed with invisible ink that glowed in the dark. Mayhem ensued. Also, At Christmas break, we couldn’t find room keys to lock up, because we’d never used them."

Pete Kilroy, 1972

The great friends in Watson.

Robin Dillon-Merrill, 1992

I remember when my roommate burned his Differential Equations textbook on the balcony during exams.

Rod Simmons, 1992

Petitioning to get out of the new dorms and winding up in Maupin, with all my new best friends.

Sarah (Greer) Grey, 2007

One time O-Hill served coconuts. We dropped them off the 3rd floor of Maupin to open them.

Sarah Lyons-Padilla, 2007
Veronica Brooks-Uy

I remember there being an earthquake first-year and afterwards everyone in Maupin streaming out onto the grassy area and hanging out.

Veronica Brooks-Uy, 2007

My entire first-year including winter, spring, fall, I wore sweatpants or a hoodie, even though it was a little warm.

Wayne Warner, 2007